lens coatings

Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Minimized reflections from back glare
  • Reduced glare spots in photographs
  • Eliminated ghost image
  • 3 AR coating colors for choice, Green, Blue, Violet
  • Enhance contrast & clarity, especially at night

Polyray’s Anti-Reflective coating is applied on the back side of lenses, each layer of coating is calculated specifically to block irritating reflections and glares.

Clean and Clear Clean and Clear
Anti-Fog Coating
  • Long-lasting fog free vision
  • High impact resistance
  • A proven water-washable technology
  • Compatible with various mirrored coating
  • Excellent protection from scratches treatments

Polyray’s Anti-Fog coating is a proven treatment to successfully keep your lenses away from fogging up. Effectively provide long lasting fog-free vision, while maintaining excellent anti-scratch performance.

Clean and Clear Clean and Clear
Nano Coating
  • superior scratch & abrasion resistance
  • Greater durability & easier lens care
  • Eliminated rainbow effect on lens surface
  • Better foundation for mirrored coating application
  • High visual clarity sealed with hard protective coating

No lenses are scratch proof. However, Polyray’s lenses can be sealed with an ideal nano coating to benefit from a scratch-resistant hard coat for superior hardness and greater durability.

Clean and Clear Clean and Clear
Clear Coating
  • Dry hydrophobic technology
  • Dust, dust and smudging repellent
  • Resistance to water, grease and oils
  • Long-term durability & cleanability
  • Premium olephobic topcoat provides easy cleaning

Polyray’s Clear Coating combines olephobic and hydrophobic properties which protect the lens from water, dirt, grease and oily smears.

Clean and Clear Clean and Clear
Mirrored Coating
  • Flash’ finishes effects as dazzling as mirror
  • Uses advanced vacuum coating technology with environmental friendly materials
  • Greater protection against harmful lights
  • Colors designed for the hottest fashion with the coolest performance
  • Deliver the exhilarating experience of fashion, form and function

A mirror can be applied on the front of the lens for the latest fashion statement or to further customize the tinted lenses. Inspired by Pantone’s color palettes, Polyray introduces the trendiest mirrored colors to the market.

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