The Leading Sun Lens Innovator
With more than three decades of dedication in the vision industry, our philosophy is reflected in every lens we create and our mission is to enhance quality of life by changing the way you see the world. As a highly innovative sun lens company, we have never ceased to offering exclusive products with high technical and stylistic quality to improve the vision and all-round protection.

Ongoing R&D process which combines passion, innovation and creativity allow us to provide Long-term and customized service to our customers and partners. From product development ,mold design, manufacturing and lens cutting, our comprehensive and one-stop service maximize the company’s potential in increasingly competitive global markets.

Polyray’s core strategy is to continue defining future standards in the sun lens business by developing, creating and supporting innovative products and services that allow people worldwide to see better, look better, perform better and most importantly to feel better.

    The best optical quality is guaranteed by scientific and standardized inspection. CNAS certified laboratory enhances the validity and reliability of Polyray lenses.


    Each pair of Polyray lenses is the result of high-tech optical research and built in-house with a rich production philosophy. 


    The pursuit of perfection in every detail drives us to offer an out- standing service and continuously exceed customers’ expectations.


    Innovation at all levels – products, services and marketing – is the driving force for the quality of our relationship with our customers.

Polyray’s head office and production site is located in Xiamen City, China, an exciting and beautiful area with a fast growing optical industry. Here, we conduct research & development activities, product design & production, major sales & marketing.

Polyray cares about environmental protection and believes in rational use of natural resources by minimizing the damage to the planet we live. Our efforts in recent years have focused on waste management and energy-efficiency projects. Within the industry, we are considered to be one of the pioneers in building green concepts into its overall company strategy.

Polyray is in a constant state of change and improvement, we take responsibility for our employees, and offer extensive development and training programs, so that every Polyray-rian shares a common goal to succeed by helping people worldwide see better.
  • Vision

    guides every aspect of our business to continue achieving sustainable excellence.

  • Profession

    leads Polyray to build the advanced quality of sun lenses which we believe that can change the way you see it.

  • Innovation

    drives Polyray to always break rules and aims to improve your everyday vision.

  • Dedication

    inspires every Polyray-rian to keep their dreams alive.